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Who is at the Other End of the Leash & Behind the Red Dot?

Pet Sitter, Dog Walker, Lover of All Pets

Hi! My name is Tina. Thank you for visiting Biscuit Dreams Pet Sitting!

As I grew up I was grateful several cats, dogs and rabbits allowed me to love and care for them. As an adult, a few clever felines found their way to the back door of my house & I wouldn't change it if I could. I also have been caring for the pets & houses of friends & family for over 10 years. 

Biscuit Dreams Pet Sitting is my singular profession. Previously I was in the corporate world & when traveling for work or vacation, I worried about my fur babies, even though I was fortunate enough to have family look in on them. But it got me thinking, what do people do who don’t have the luxury of family to help out? What do people do if their fur baby needs medication or a walk during the day? Could there be a professional who is going to show up & is insured for pet-related circumstances that arise while they're away?

With these thoughts top of mind, I decided if I was going to work relentlessly I should pursue my passion - loving animals & bringing peace of mind to their humans - and stop sitting behind a desk!

To me, Pet Sitting is so much more than just showing up at a house & feeding a dog or cleaning a cat's litter box. Being trusted with the health & happiness of someone else’s furry loved one takes Understanding, Patience, Commitment, Dependability, Attention to Detail & Passion. You can be confident I will deliver these standards!

(And Treats, Pets & Belly Rubs!)

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